Energy Bet Partner With Millwall in 2-Year Sponsorship Deal

Football and betting goes together like bread and butter, fish and chips or unicorns and sparkly things. That’s why so many of the adverts that you see on the television for the major betting companies invariably feature odds on massive matches or former players telling you what they’d have a bet on at the weekend. It’s also why plenty of the big betting companies have sponsorship deals with football clubs, knowing full well that it will help them to drum up some business.

Now EnergyBet have decided to get in on the action, announcing a two-year partnership with Millwall Football Club that will see the award-winning bookmaker have an in-stadia deal with the Isle of Dogs side. It’s great news for Lions fans, not least of all because of the decent odds you can get through EnergyBet on a daily basis. Combine that with competitions and promotions that will be available to Millwall supporters and you can see why it’s a deal that will benefit everyone involved. As well as being able to place bets on the match through EnergyBet’s mobile app, for example, fans will also be able to have a flutter in person at an EnergyBet stand within the ground.

Energy Bet Millwall Sponsorship Announcement

EnergyBet offer supporters innovative products that they’ll now be able to take advantage of, but they’ll also start offering odds and offers with a distinctly Millwall flavour to them. Marcin Sapinski, the bookie’s CEO, made reference to the club’s ‘passionate fanbase’ and he’s not he’s wrong in what he’s saying. They supporters have long cultivated a sense of ‘us against them’, being famous for their chant of “No one likes us, we don’t care”. Well it turns out that someone does like them, with EnergyBet selecting the Championship side above numerous rivals as the club they believe will allow them to further their ambitions in the English football market.

One of the fiercest rivalries that the Lions have is with West Ham United, so supporters who take such things seriously will not be able to place bets with their own official bookmaker rather then one like Betway that sponsors the Hammers. It might seem childish, but that’s the sort of thing that football fans take to heart! EnergyBet joins a number of other brands that sponsor the club, including DCS Roofing, TW Drainage and A.T.P.B. Limited, all of whom sponsor Millwall’s shirts. The London club will be delighted by the fact that they’ve been able to form a partnership with such a prestigious company as EnergyBet, though, giving the Den a real sense of belonging now they’ve moved into the Championship after making it through the League One play-offs.